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In 2022, five Gothenburg photographers joined forces and started Open Sky Photo. When we work together, we mainly shoot from the air with drones. We are often out together photographing, talking about life in general and sharing tips and lessons from the magical world of drone photography. Perhaps you have seen our art and found your way here. Click below to buy some of our art. Or click further below to read more about each photographer.

Art exhibitions

Hotel Eggers

9 February – 2 September We are exhibiting twenty of our works at the historic Eggers Hotel in Gothenburg. The exhibition is part of Gothenburg’s 400-year celebration. Warm welcome! In the exhibition ”Gothenburg from above” we mix contemporary technology with art history.

The exhibition is made in collaboration between Open Sky Photo and Hotell Eggers. You can find more information about the exhibition here. Welcome!


2 june – 1 july 2023

During the month of June, we participate in ”Konstkuppen” (the art coup) at the old town square. As part of Gothenburg’s 400 year celebration, the art coup is exhibiting 400 pieces of art. We at Open Sky Photo have five artworks represented.



Gothia The Gallery - Altitude

3 april – 7 may 2023

From April to the beginning of May we will exhibit 20 paintings at Gothia The Gallery. The exhibition is a mixture of drone photos and photos taken with a system camera. You can find more information about the exhibition here. Welcome!



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